Illustrator Steff Lee Joins the Sketchbook Relay

Steff Lee is an illustrator and animator based in Leicester, UK. She does some amazing work and creates really cute illustrations and animations. We met when we both took part in Lean Start-up Weekend in Leicester, and I was really pleased when she agreed to take part in the Sketchbook Relay. Steff was also the inspiration for the domain name. When I messaged her to ask if she wanted to take part, she said “so it’s like a Sketchbook Relay”. So I asked if she minded if I used that as the name.

Sketchbook 1 14th July 2016, Leicester, UK

Steff Lee Illustration

Steff’s boyfriend’s little girl also wanted to create a page so here is her entry too.

Steff Lee's Boyfriend's daughter picture





Eve Bluefoot’s New Sketchbook Starts it’s Sketchbook Relay

Eve Bluefoot, is a creative based in Bochum, Germany. She has created her own sketchbook to take part in the Sketchbook Relay

I love the cover Eve has created for her sketchbook as well as the cute musical mouse on the inside. Eve also has an Etsy store where she makes cute clay figures which you should check out

Sketchbook “BLUEFOOT”, 10th July 2016, Bochum, Germany

Eve Bluefoot Sketchbook Cover

Eve Bluefoot sketchbook page

The “Sketchbook Relay” Sketchbooks are Winging Their Way to the First Artists

sketchbook relay map

Today I sent off the first 3 sketchbooks to some of the artists who are kicking off the Sketchbook Relay. I am really pleased as I thought all 3 would end up going to artists in the UK, but one is staying in England, one is off to France and the other is flying off to the USA. Looking forward to seeing what happens. Join the Facebook Group to follow along, and get in touch if you want to take part.