Illustrator Katy Frost has Created a Pencil Drawing of a Hare for the Sketchbook Relay

Katy Frost, an illustrator who is based in Hertfordshire, England has created a pencil drawing of a hare for the Sketchbook Relay

Sketchbook 5, 8th July 2016, Hertfordshire, England.
“Hi Everyone, this is my contribution to sketchbook 5 – I’ve drawn a Hare in a field of wheat as they are both very special to me. I love to doodle, so the opportunity to do something for Charity in such a fun way is a great idea! “

Katy Frost Sketchbook 5

Artist Alex Kay from South East England Adds Her Art to the Sketchbook Relay

Artist Alex Kay from the south east of England U.K has just created her page in the Sketchbook Relay

Sketchbook 5, 1st July 2016,South east of England U.K.
“So this was actually way scarier than I thought! But I finally committed pen to paper and here’s my doodle n rhyme for; sketchbook 5 nervous of people seeing my work first, that I drew right in the middle of the sketchbook! I’m really looking forward to seeing what else will be inside the blank pages of these books.”

Alex is now sending her sketchbook on to another artist to create a page.

sketchbook5 Alex Kay