Kitty Hedley Designs a Birds of Pride Page

Kitty Hedley, July 16th, Sketchbook 2, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

So decided to call these birds of pride as they’re all so colourful and diverse. I made the birds out of bits of old artwork (so its nice to see they’ve been given a new lease of life). There is also a quote around the edge of the image but I managed to somehow delete the photo I had of that….so here it is. “Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone. Because often the one who flies solo has the strongest wings”

Kitty Hedley Artist


Joanna Blaylock Draws Her Flowerbed for the Sketchbook Relay

Joanna Blaylock who is based in Limousin France has created a for the Sketchbook Relay based on the weeds in her flower bed.

Sketchbook 2, 5th July 2016, Limousin, France.
“So I was sketching the weeds in my flowerbed, happy to see the daisies though!”

joannna blaylock sketchbook

Joanna is now sending her sketchbook on to another artist to create a page. Join the Sketchbook Relay Facebook Group to follow the sketchbooks journeys, or create your own.