Teija Jalonen-Mutanen Paints Nature Inspired By Finland

Teija Jalonen-Mutanen, August 14th 2016, Sketchbook 10, Inkeroinen (Kouvola), Finland

“Forests and nature are important for us Finns. This is not any certain place in Finland… just nature and my imagination. In the northern part of Finland ( = Lapland) we have got reindeer, which these animals in the picture remind most. But in other parts of the Finland we do have elks (mooses), which these animals of the picture also could be. In Lapland the birches are normally smaller than these. I wanted to choose forest and animals in my picture, as forests are very important to us Finns in many ways. They could even be said ” THE GREEN GOLD OF FINLAND”. A lot of people work for forestry or forest industry. Many Finns also spend a lot of time in nature by picking up berries or mushrooms or hunting etc.”

Teija Jalonen-Mutanen Finnish Artist