start with a blank sketchbook

You can download resources to create your own sketchbook here. I created A5 sketchbooks so postage costs wouldn’t be too much, but you can use whatever size you like.

There are a lot of different online printers you could use to create a printed version, or simply create a cover and paste it onto a blank sketchbook. On the cover Include the website and give your sketchbook a unique code, for example, last name and a number, so in my case it would be ROSKELL1.

Add instructions on the inside of the sketchbook and join the Facebook Group

1. Create a Cover

Create a cover for your sketchbook. Include the web address so people can find out more about the project. Create your own unique code to go on the front of the sketchbook, which will help you track it in the Facebook Group. Download the sketchbook resources here.

2. Create instructions for inside

Create some instructions to go inside your sketchbook that tells artists what they need to do. I have created some for you that you are welcome to download and put inside your sketchbook. Download the sketchbook resources here.

3. Add some prompts

Put some prompts in your sketchbook that can help artists get ideas for what to draw, just in case they get stuck. I have included mine which you can download here. You are welcome to use these or create your own.

4. Share on Social Media

Join the Facebook Group and share a picture of your newly created Sketchbook. Invite your friends to join too. Share your Sketchbook Relay on Social media using the hashtag #SketchbookRelay2016. Download the sketchbook resources here.